Miley Cyrus back in the spotlight

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Teen pop idol and Hannah Montana superstar Miley Cyrus has had quite the successful year in the spotlight as her vocal career has taken off alongside her hit Disney Channel television series, and the starry-eyed pop princess is currently in the middle of a whirlwind of awards shows and live performances.

Even without Miley Cyrus tickets, fans have undoubtedly seen the vocal wonder perform at live shows and on television, and yesterday was just another day taking care of business for the teenager.

Kicking off her day with a performance on ABC’s Good Morning America, Miley sang a duet with her father Billy Ray Cyrus in New York before traveling to Nashville for the night, where the father/daughter combination presented a trophy at the 42nd Annual CMA Awards show. 

Donning an elegant but fun Roberto Cavalli halter gown, a sweeping ponytail and her father at her side, Miley Cyrus made an appearance at the 2008 CMAs while her boyfriend Justin Gaston appeared on stage as Prince Charming during friend and fellow teenage star Taylor Swift’s rendition of her newest single “Love Story.” Cyrus’ cameo at the CMAs is just one awards show on the talented artist’s agenda, as she is also scheduled to perform (along with Swift, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Kanye West.

Rihanna and the Jonas Brothers) at this month’s American Music Awards in Los Angeles. The 36th annual event takes place on Cyrus’ 16th birthday, and there will be no better or more fitting way for Cyrus to ring in her sweet sixteenth than onstage in front of millions of viewers.

Cyrus practically grew up in the spotlight, born to mullet-rocking, “Achy Breaky Heart”-singing country music superstar Billy Ray Cyrus. Miley, born Destiny Hope Cyrus, had a bubbly personality from the beginning, and she was nicknamed Miley as a shortened version of “Smiley,” her family’s moniker for her cheerful disposition as a baby. Miley’s entertainment career began in 2003, as the preteen appeared in an episode of the television show Doc, soon thereafter landing a small role in Tim Burton’s film Big Fish.

Kim Kardashian Shares New Pic of Saint West. Checkout How Much Hes Grown Up!

Kim Kardashian posted the latest, up close pictures of son Saint West on her Snapchat, and it’s almost too charming. A more less than six months old now, Saint is turning out to be Kim’s mini-me, or should we say “twin”? Shortly after sharing the newest picture on Snapchat, which shows a cherubic Saint lying down in a white onesie, the to stay in touch with the Kardashians star also shared it on Twitter and Instagram. She tweeted, “Saint is my real twin!”

Kim has kept the snapshots of Saint to a minimum, sharing them typically on important occasions. One of the last pictures the mom-of-two shared was on what would have been the 72nd birthday of her late father, Robert Kardashian.

Some of Kim’s followers agreed with the E! Star, who retweeted their comments, including “Saint looks more like Kim especially the eyes. He’s so cute!” Kim responded to the fan, writing, “Yeah our eyes look similar. A good match of both of us but he is more like me, I think…”

In the past, Kim has shared throwbacks from her childhood that also reveal how much her daughter, North West, looks like her. But as she continues to grow up, north might look a little more like dad Kanye West. 

When another fan responded to Kim’s twin tweet with “definitely,” Kim responded, ” I implied North’s baby pictures resemble mine as well yet Saint I think looks more like North and me like Kanye.”

“I know there’s nothing more on the earth he would have needed than to meet his grandchildren,” she said. “So I needed to share this pic of Saint to all of you.”

An update on Selena Gomez updated love life and more

American celebrity of Mexican descent Selena Gomez was one of the most talked about celebrities not only in 2015, but has been for the last couple of years. She started out as a Disney star, went trough a very extensively documented relationship with Justin Bieber and pictures of them holding hands, kissing, inappropriately touching, fighting and many others can be found all over the internet. But that is old news to everybody. What has Selena been up to in the last couple of months?

Well, some time ago, Gomez used to be a quite frequent victim of the paparazzi’s camera and her name would pop up in gossip magazines’ headlines weekly with a new drama that she was involved in but lately, she seems much more mature and career-concentrated. In fact, Revival – her new studio album,is her most successful project so far and her tour is going amazingly well. This is the reason that in the last few months, Selena Gomez’ name is mostly seen in articles regarding her music and concerts. 

About two weeks ago, she was all over celebrity news sites because of her emotional speech and performance of “Nobody” that she dedicated to Christina Grimmie who passed away that week. Selena’s father was the one that helped Grimmie get signed to a label 8 years ago and Selena defines herself as Christina’s mentor.

We are hearing a lot about Selena’s professional life, but there are a few things we are hearing about her personal life as well. When Gomez first started her relationship with Justin, she was only 19. 

Now she’s almost 24 and has obviously moved on from her Bieber past and it seems like she raised her standards a lot higher than they used to be. Selena was spotted leaving a club with Orlando Bloom himself on May 12th and although friends that are close to the singer have said the two are definitely not “just friends”, it is yet to be confirmed whether Selena Gomez has gotten herself into a romance with the 16 years older actor.

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